1. We use different sophisticated and latest equipment for different sizes and types of DWST Cleaning work. Just One machine will not do the job for Cleaning all DWST's!

  2. We are full equipped for the total job and do not rely on customers for any thing other than Electric Supply and Water.

  3. We take pride in our work and set high standards for the quality of our service.

  4. You can always rely on us-we are very very dependable and accessible at any time.

  5. Our workers are very careful. However, if any damage is caused to your property due to our negligence, we will take care of it immediately.

  6. Our workers are exclusively trained for this job only. They are totally capable of executing the job perfectly within the committed time.

  7. Our workers are fully covered by Workers' Comp insurance. You don't have to worry about being held liable if one of them should be injured on your property.

  8. We pay and treat our workers well. This allows us to have excellent employees who care for their job! Happy workers mean a better job for you!

  9. We are professionals, and our workers dress accordingly. Uniforms and I-Cards are mandatory, so you'll be able to recognize us right away!

  10. Our equipment is properly maintained and cleaned before each job. You won't have to worry about the last customer's dirt and debrisentering your DWST.

  11. Our employees are punctual and will never deter or hesitate to work late hours to complete a particular committed job! Because your Good Health is our Concern.

  12. Our employees are courteous and will gladly answer your questions and treat you with the kindness and respect you deserve.

  13. You'll be able to answer YES to all the questions on the PROFESSIONAL TANK CLEANERS Post-Cleaning Consumer Service Report Checklist when we finish your job.

  14. At PROFESSIONAL TANK CLEANERS, Drinking Water Tank Cleaning only is our top priority.

  15. Our prices may not be the lowest on the market, nor are they the highest. But one thing is for sure: you will be paying a reasonable price for a top-quality job!

  16. We are the pioneers and the first and only company in this industry to promote this essential service as a well established and respected brand.

  17. All information and data on any customer is full computerized through our special Proprietary Software, thus giving the fastest access of information to our customers and employees.

  18. We work Seven Days a Week 365 days a Year, PROFESSIONAL TANK CLEANERS Services are available on any day of the Year!

  19. PROFESSIONAL TANK CLEANERS is the only Company of its kind to have a dedicated website containing data and information not only on Cleaning and Disinfection of Drinking Water Storage Tanks, but also on topics related to general Health and Hygiene of the people.